Pioneer DJ CDJ 850 Skin Smartiboy

Pioneer DJ CDJ 850 Skin Smartiboy

54.99 EUR

✓ easy to apply, without bubbles and wrinkles
✓ removable without leaving residues
✓ Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee

Protect your valuable DJ equipment, ensure that its value is preserved, and at the same time have a design that suits you!

#1 The only brand trusted by ALL professionals in the music industry*

Doesn't it bother you to have spent so much money on your controller / mixer / player and then after unpacking it you're careful not to get a scratch on it? So that it doesn't look like this in the future:


Or you just can't understand that you can have everything stylish in your own design, your outfit, your home, your car, but not your DJ gear?
Has it bothered you that you always advertise the manufacturer of your device during a stream or on pictures and not yourself?

We now have the perfect solution for you:
DJ Skins®

From now on you can protect your equipment from scratches and dust. At the same time, you can finally design it the way you want and even advertise yourself!

Your device will look brand new forever, and you'll keep the value alive!

P.S.: It's best to order your skin now, because the longer you wait, the more visual defects your device will have, the selling price will drop, and selling will become more and more difficult, or in the worst case, you'll be stuck with your device.

Why should you watch your device lose value when you can protect it so easily and stylishly?

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Your order will be manufactured individually for you in our company in Germany.
Due to high demand, it may take 5-7 days for your Skin to be produced and shipped.
You can easily choose your shipping time in the checkout:
From cheap standard shipping to express production (approx. 7 days), you can choose everything!

Our Technology

1. The elegant matt Finish
It serves to protect against scratches and UV rays. Our matt laminate is harder, lasts longer than glossy finish, and does not reflect (e.g. in photos).

2. The Print
600dpi, intensive CMYK coloring with the latest ECO Solvent technology.

3. The Vinyl-film
Durable, high quality and flexible.

4. The “Easy Apply” Structure
This makes it so easy to install. The Skin literally floats over your device, at the same time ensuring that air can escape and ensuring there are no bubbles under your Skin.

5. The “Easy Apply” Adhesive
This is where the magic happens! The adhesive consists of small nano balls. These burst when pressed and gradually develop their power.
After 24 hours the Skin tightens by a factor of 1,
after 48 hours with a factor of 2, and
after about 2 weeks the factor 4 is reached and thus the full attraction.
And if you want to change the design, we guarantee that no residue will remain on the device. On the contrary, you will be amazed by the protective function!

Our DJ Skins® are adapted to the device with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters. In addition, the handling and shape of your device are maintained by the wafer-thin skin.

You benefit from our experience in customizing DJ equipment since 2004. We developed DJ Skins® with 250 DJs around the world to produce THE premium DJ product - with success!
In the last years we have become the exclusive partner of RELOOP and VESTAX, are the official Partner of of ALLEN & HEATH, AKAI Professional, DENON DJ, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and NUMARK.

dj-skins_Festivals.jpg We have customized several times the TOMORROWLAND Festival in Belgium, Brazil and the TOMORROWWORLD in Atlanta, we were honored to do the PAROOKAVILLE Festival multiple times, and the famous BOOTSHAUS Club in Cologne has been customized by us for countless times.

But the greatest success is characterized not only by the trust of the most famous festivals, but also by the biggest DJs in the world, which we can enjoy: STEVE AOKI, TIMMY TRUMPET, OLIVER HELDENS, LAIDBACK LUKE or DJ QBERT - We have now embellished 100s of devices for them on tour!


Get a design upgrade for what you love!
In premium quality: Not only stylish, but easy to install and indestructible, DJ Skins® are the extra protective layer for your DJ equipment.

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DJ Skins®:
✓ optimal protection
✓ Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee
✓ easy to apply, without bubbles and wrinkles
✓ removable without leaving residues
✓ elegant matt finish
✓ High quality premium vinyl films
✓ very thin, flexible material
✓ Manufactured to 0.1 millimeter precision
✓ Made in Germany

Our Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee

If something went wrong while you applied your Skin, just send us a picture of the damaged Skin, and you will receive this Skin FOR FREE again! 🏆 97% of our family members love our Skins, but if there is any reason why you want a refund, just send the Skin back to us, or to one of our worldwide resellers, and you get back your money! 🤗
E-mail: support [at]
Whatsapp: +49 (0) 176 3733 0888

*Did you know that DJ Skins® worldwide... the only Skin manufacturer available in stores , and has been since 2016? the only Skin brand that made it onto the main stage of Tomorrowland, etc.?
...which has approval and support from the manufacturers? loved by rental companies and technicians? welcomed by the biggest DJs in the world?

7 easy steps to apply your DJ Skin®:

1. Switch off the device
and maybe let it cool down.
The colder the Skin and your device are, the less adhesive it has.
The warmer the Skin, the stronger the adhesive strength.
So make sure you install it in a cool environment - this will make it easier for you!

2. Clean device
Before attaching your DJ Skin®, we recommend cleaning your device with a static cloth.

3. Remove Knobs & Faders
Remove Faders and Knobs.
If these cannot be easily removed, use a cake fork, for example, to pry them out. You should protect the surface of your device with a cloth.
Important! Pioneer DJ has installed a so-called P-Lock system on the line and cross faders - you can find an explanation in our tutorial.

4. Remove DJ Skin® from the backing film
Carefully remove your Skin from the backing film.
Please pay attention to thin bars and not to stretch them.
Take your time when detaching.

5. Position the DJ Skin® on your device
Orient yourself on cutouts, buttons, etc. and place your Skin in the right place. As long as you don't press it, you can always reposition it.
(Exception: on plexiglass, the gloss surface means the Skin wears on a little faster)

6. Fix your Skin
Now press your Skin on your device. First tap on the Skin, then swipe from the inside out.

7. Attach knobs & faders
After you have attached all the skins, you can reinstall the faders and knobs.


Or watch a video here to see how easy it is to attach a DJ Skin®: How-To-Skin_Thumbnail_dj-skins