dj-skins Pioneer DJ CDJ 2000 NEXUS Skin BOOTSHAUS 2

Pioneer DJ CDJ 2000 NEXUS Skin BOAT HOUSE 2

54.95 EUR

✓ Easy to attach without bubbles
✓ to be removed without residue
✓ Money back guarantee

The second design that was installed in the legendary boathouse in Cologne. Light instead of dark this time, and still with a lot of style! SAVE!11!!1!

Our dj-skins are adapted to the device with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters, and the handling and shape of your device are not changed by the wafer-thin skin.
Thanks to the anti-static adhesive side, the high-quality, flexible material can be easily and precisely positioned. A special structure on the adhesive side, our "Easy-Apply-Technology", allows air bubbles to escape as if by magic, so bubble-free attachment is safe - even if you have two left hands. And if you want to change the design, we guarantee that no residue will be left on the device. On the contrary, you will be amazed by the protective function!

You benefit from our experience in customizing DJ equipment since 2004. We have developed dj-skins with 250 DJs all over the world to produce THE premium DJ product - with success!
In recent years we have become exclusive partner of RELOOP and VESTAX, are official partner of ALLEN & HEATH, AKAI Professional, DENON DJ, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and NUMARK. We have equipped the TOMORROWLAND Festival in Belgium, Brazil and TOMORROWWORLD in Atlanta several times, we were able to host the PAROOKAVILLE Festival and countless times the BOOTSHAUS in Refining Cologne.
But the greatest success is not only characterized by the trust of the most famous festivals, but also by the biggest DJs in the world, which we can enjoy: DEORRO, LAIDBACK LUKE, NERVO, OLIVER HEROES, STEVE AOKI, SHOWTEK - In the meantime we have beautified 100s of devices on tour with you!

Now you too can get a design upgrade for what you love. In premium quality: Not only stylish, but easy to attach and indestructible, they are the extra protective layer for your DJ equipment.

✓ Money back guarantee
✓ optimal protection
✓ Easy to attach without bubbles
✓ to be removed without residue
✓ noble matt finish
✓ high quality premium vinyl wraps
✓ very thin, flexible material
✓ Manufactured to fit with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters

Take a look at how easy it is to attach your dj-skin: How-To-Skin_Thumbnail_dj-skins